Motorcycle Helmet Speakers - Ultimate 2018 Buyer's Guide

The Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers – Ultimate 2019 Buyer’s Guide

The best motorcycle helmet speakers will totally change how you ride. If you’re tired of pulling over during a ride to answer a phone call, text a riding buddy, switch a radio station, or even change a song, then one of these leading high definition helmet speakers will be the best investment you make this year.

The serious biker who travels across the country, the biker who takes their bike out during the weekends, and the daily commuter will love what these systems have to offer.

Why These Systems Stand Out

Thanks to TV shows, riding a motorcycle hasn’t been this popular in years. But with this rise in popularity came a variety of helmet headsets that flooded the market, making it difficult to find a system that’s reliable or even useful.

Lower priced systems that are loaded with features often have a weak signal and an unreliable performance. They also have a variety of controls that can be difficult to learn how to use, apps that aren’t very intuitive, and setups that are anything but simple.

We’ve reviewed many of the leading systems on the market, but only five made it on our list.

We chose systems at a variety of price points, basic systems that focus on functionality, systems that are loaded with features and GPS capability, and more.

Basically, we’ve included the best systems that fit into five categories.

But each of these systems has one thing in common: quality.

If you need a speaker for your motorcycle helmets you can use often to make and answer a calls, listen to music, navigate via GPS, listen to weather bulletins or catch the most current road conditions bulletin, then a motorcycle helmet speaker system will be invaluable.

But before we dive in and give you a brief look at our top five choices, below you’ll find a comparison chart that lists important features and information that clearly shows you the differences between each of these systems.

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Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Comparison Chart

Sound Quality
Sena 20S-01D

View Price
Cardo Scala

Cardo Unisex-Adult Scala Rider PACKTALK

View Price
Sena Technologies 20S Evo
Sena Technologies 20S Evo Bluetooth 4.1
View Price
UClear AMP Pro

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UClear AMP Plus

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Leading Models

Below are previews of the reviews for our leading systems. Each of these systems earned a high rating for performance, ease of use, reliability, and overall quality. However, each model scored higher in one area than another. Read on to learn why these systems scored so well and the best features they have to offer.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers-Sena Technologies 20S-01D Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System

Our Rating: (5/5)

Sena 20S-01D Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System

The 20S by Sena Technologies is our top-rated choice. This system is loaded with some great features including built-in GPS, FM radio, HD speakers for a crystal clear listening experience, and reliable Bluetooth connectivity.

This system also comes with the popular intercom mode, so you can stay in touch with the other Sena users you’re riding around with.

The system’s noise canceling feature combined with the HD speakers results in crisp sounds, deeper bass, and no distortion.

Really, this is a high definition helmet speakers that has it all and one you can really rely on.

Feature Packed-Cardo Unisex-Adult Scala Rider Motorcycle Communication and Entertainment System

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Cardo Unisex-Adult Scala Rider PACKTALK

This motorcycle communication system by Cardo is a feature-packed model that has all of the bells and whistles you could ever want in a motorcycle helmets including GPS and intercom mode.

The built-in FM radio will keep you up to date on weather conditions and allows you to tune into your favorite radio talk show.

The intuitive controls make switching from one feature to another fast and easy, while the patented Dynamic Mesh Networking feature allows you to stay in touch with up to fifteen other system users. Considering the average system only allows up to five or six users in a group chat, this is pretty impressive.

Best Noise Canceling Feature-Sena Technologies 20S Evo High Definition Helmet Speakers

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is another leading system by Sena Technologies and one that comes with bigger and better features than the competition. Equipped with improved Bluetooth connectivity, intercom group chats that allow up to eight users, and HD quality speakers, this is a system that’s perfect for the serious rider. The noise canceling feature is top of the line, allowing you to easily talk to friends, enjoy your favorite music, or focus on GPS navigation.

Most Reliable-UClear AMP Plus Helmet Audio System

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

A model that doesn’t focus on flashy features, this system offers a more reliable connection, intuitive controls, and a dedicated app that allows you to customize your settings. Hands down, this system is one of the most reliable models on the market to date. While this system doesn’t include built-in GPS or FM radio, it features a more streamlined setup that allows you to seamlessly switch from one feature to another without taking your eyes off the road.

Best Value-UClear AMP Pro Helmet Audio System

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Another top-selling system from UClear, this versatile, easy to use communication system may not come with built-in GPS or FM radio, but what it does offer is a reliable performance, a crystal-clear listening experience, and the popular intercom feature that allows you to remain in contact with your riding buddies.

This basic motorcycle helmets system is the answer if you’re tired of feature-packed systems that struggle to maintain a reliable Bluetooth connection. Want a system you can rely on when you’re traveling across the country with friends? Look no further. The user app and streamlined controls make this model very beginner-friendly and a perfect choice for the biker who chooses substance over flash.

Buyer’s Guide

Speakers designed to slide inside your motorcycle helmet can keep you in contact with the world in the event of a family emergency, or they can even notify you of serious weather conditions, or accidents that lie ahead on your route.

When you’re riding around on your motorcycle, you don’t have the same type of freedom that you do when you’re driving in a car. Because of this, you probably miss calls and aren’t able to listen to your favorite tunes. But motorcycle helmet speakers can change all of that. Just imagine having the ability to use GPS navigation, listen to music or even answer a call.

These helmet speakers aren’t complicated to install or use and come loaded with a wide range of features that you can take advantage of if you’re traveling across the country or riding around running errands. These speakers will allow you to answer calls, listen to music, and basically stay connected to the outside world.

If you’ve never even heard of helmet speakers, then finding the right set for you can be a real challenge, especially once you realize how many models there are to choose from.

However, before you order a motorcycle helmet speakers, there are many factors to consider before you buy. Below are some of the basic features most models offer.

Most Important Features


Keep in mind that your helmet size and design can have an impact on which type of helmet speakers you’ll end up with. Some helmets feature a tighter design than others. This can also depend on the style of helmet speakers you choose, whether you go with speakers that fit inside the helmet or the type that are worn over the outside.


Most newer models of helmet speakers are very versatile and designed for multiple device use. Make sure you’re currently using a motorcycle helmet that supports helmet speakers that use Bluetooth technology.

Stereo Sound

Of course, the system you use should offer a crystal clear listening experience, but not all motorcycle helmet speakers are created equal. Higher priced models will offer stereo quality sound. If you’re ordering your speakers online, the best way to determine sound quality for any given model is to read consumer reviews and find out whether a particular model offers stereo-quality sound or the sound is flat and distorted. This is a common issue you’ll run into with lower priced sets.


Some models will come with a built-in microphone. This will allow you to answer calls, hands-free, and it can also allow you to use voice controls to skip a song or activate another feature. Of course, most models that have voice control capabilities will come with a higher price tag. But if you’re looking for a system that’s easier and more convenient to use, then you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for models with this cool built-in feature.

Comfort and Design

Comfort of motorcycle helmet speakers

Tired of using painful earbuds when you’re riding your bike? Or do you need a reliable way to stay in touch with the wife and kids? When you’re shopping for helmet speakers, the goal here is to buy a set that allows you to focus more on the road instead of fiddling with buttons or wires. Make sure the speaker system you choose features a straightforward, simple control setup that will allow you to easily answer calls, skip a song, or adjust the volume. If the setup seems to0 complicated for you, move on to the next one. Simplicity is key here.

Bluetooth or Wired?

Obviously, there are pros and cons that come with each of these options. If you’re riding way out in the country, your service may be spotty, which means your connection can get interrupted.

On the other hand, while wired speakers can offer a more reliable performance, you probably don’t want to deal with tangled wires as you’re racing around in the country. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Typically, the Bluetooth compatible speakers come with a higher price tag but often come with more features and top of the line sound quality.


If you ride your motorcycle year round, make sure the speakers you choose are waterproof, or at the very least weather resistant.

Battery Life

Obviously, models that offer the longer battery life will be a better choice. Unfortunately, there are plenty of models on the market that suck up battery life pretty quickly. So, before you buy, check out each set’s battery life rating. Additionally, you’ll also want speakers that don’t take several hours to charge so make sure you check out the average charge time.

Volume Controls

The amount of noise your bike makes can be deafening. Because of this, you need speakers that offer higher volume options. If you can’t hear your music over the noise of your bike then the speakers will basically be useless.

Speaker Style

Another factor you’ll want to take into consideration before you buy is the style of the speakers. Currently, there are a couple of different options: built-in speakers and freestanding speakers. The freestanding models are designed to be worn outside of the helmet, while the built-in speakers should be installed inside the helmet.

The freestanding helmet speakers fit much differently than traditional headphones, instead, they’re specifically designed to conform to the shape and design of a motorcycle helmet.

The attached speakers are shaped like on-ear headphones. These speakers are installed at an angle so they can rest directly above the user’s ear.  These headphones are connected via Bluetooth or a cable.

Are Helmet Speakers Right for You?

Are Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Right for You?

Old school motorcyclists may not see the point of wearing speakers inside their helmet since the whole point of riding their bikes is to get away from it all and enjoy the solitude of riding. But there are many benefits you can enjoy if you decide to give these speaker systems a shot.

For one, riding your bike can be a great way to get away from social media, calls, distracting noise, and more, but there are also downsides to being cut off from the people in your life.

While yes, you can have your phone on you, without constantly checking it, you won’t know that someone is trying to call you. If you need to stay in constant contact with your family, especially if you have kids, this type of speaker system will come in handy. If everyone knows not to bother you because you’re riding around on your bike when one of your kids call then you know it’s an emergency.

This link to the outside world when you’re riding can be a downside, but for reasons such as this, it can be essential that your loved ones are able to instantly get ahold of you in an emergency.

How Music on the Road Changes it All

Who doesn’t love listening to music? If you’re passionate about music and feel that music could be the perfect addition to your next bike ride, then you’ll find yourself using these helmet speakers often. Additionally, many riders claim that if they have to travel via motorcycle for several hours, the music can help to wake them up and can also motivate them to keep on riding.

Everyone is familiar with the type of nostalgic feeling music can bring on. With just a single song you can be taken back in time. When you’re out riding, the ability to listen to your favorite music will only add to the experience. Want to quickly access your iTunes and your favorite playlists while you ride? Now you can. Essentially, these speakers will allow you to get the most out of every ride.

Speakers for the Serious Biker

If you’re a seasoned rider and already know how to ride a cruiser motorcycle, how to split lines, and how to easily handle the road, then the odds are you won’t be ill at ease out on the road. When you’re taking a relaxing ride in the country motorcycle helmet speakers can add that element that’s missing from your usual leisurely ride.

By now you know that these speakers are specifically designed for bikes and can be used as a more effective alternative to earbuds. Unlike traditional headphones, which have a chunky design, these speakers are compact and flat, designed to fit inside the helmet. They’re not just designed for the music lover, they’re also for riders who want to stay in contact with family or those who want to be able to answer an important call from work.

But bikers have different opinions regarding using these speakers when they’re riding around. Are they really safe? Can you easily control functions when you’re busy concentrating on the road? Some feel that these speakers are nothing more than a major distraction when instead of choosing a new song the rider should be focusing more on oncoming traffic and other drivers on the road.

However, with the right set, these speakers can offer a wide range of advantages that you just won’t get with basic headphones.

We already discussed how important it is for some riders to remain in constant contact with their families, and how you can enjoy your music when you’re riding off into the sunset, but these helmet speakers can also benefit the rider in many more ways.

Stay Informed of Current Weather and Road Conditions

Riding a motorcycle isn’t exactly the safest mode of transportation, especially during inclement weather or in the event of a serious accident ahead on your route.

To start, if you have a top of the line helmet headset, you can stay informed regarding current road conditions. This will be especially important to those bikers who love riding their motorcycles year-round. Unless you know how to ride a motorcycle in the rain, you’ll definitely want to steer clear of a serious downpour or storm. Tune in to your favorite FM station and check the current weather report. Learn what to expect in regards to temperature and weather to stay ahead of the storm.

Bottom line,  if you want to avoid an accident down the road, or stay ahead of an upcoming storm, these headphones will help to keep you informed so you’re not caught off guard. If you listen to FM radio, you’ll be able to listen to traffic reports and weather alerts, in between your favorite songs.

A Safer Alternative

These speaker systems are said to be much safer than your standard earbud headphones, but why?

Earbud headphones are inserted directly into the ear, whereas the motorcycle helmet speakers will still allow you to hear what’s going on around you. Because driver awareness is so important, the ability to stay aware of what’s going on in your environment is crucial. Wearing earbuds can actually seriously hinder your hearing, putting you in danger on the road.

Did you know these speakers can also help to minimize your risk of tinnitus compared to traditional headphones? Tinnitus occurs when the ears experience a prolonged exposure to loud noises. Because the sound from earbud speakers are sent directly into the ear canal, without any type of deflection, earbuds come with a higher risk of tinnitus. When you’re listening to music via helmet speakers, the noise will be less intense because the sound is defected off the material that’s used to cover the speakers. Another factor that helps to reduce the chances of tinnitus when using motorcycle helmet speakers is the distance of the speakers to the wearer’s ears can also help to lessen sound intensity.

Are These Speakers Legal In Your State?

Headphones that are designed for communication purposes are allowed in some states only. Before you buy, make sure you check state rules and regulations regarding using these speakers on the road. Some states do prohibit the use of headphones when operating any type of motor vehicle, while others will prohibit the use of headphones even for bicyclists. However, in these states, there are no laws that prohibit the passenger from enjoying music during a ride.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right motorcycle helmet speakers allow you to not only enjoy your favorite tunes, but they can also keep you in close contact with family, friends, and work, keep you up to date on weather and road conditions, and can provide hours of entertainment when you’re traveling alone. While not every biker enjoys using speakers as they ride, those that do will love how easy to use, comfortable, and sleek these helmet speakers truly are.

The Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers - 2019 Buyer's Guide
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The Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers - 2019 Buyer's Guide
Learn how best-selling motorcycle helmet speakers can totally change how you ride, stay in touch with friends, and listen to music as you ride cross country.